Presentation tools

This walks through some of my favorite presentation tools and tips.

Some of the cool tools used include:

  • which allows users to view a private wall to collaborate on with a url
  • is a tool that allows presenters to give surveys and quick quizzes to the audience in a game like format

I also include some of my key tips for seamless presentations. Highlights include:

  1. Think about what the output is – if you are presenting live vs online you will use different tools.
  2. Consider what your audience really needs to know and edit to that need
  3. Know your presentation space and always have a plan B (if you can, scout the location first)
  4. Plan for interaction and vary your content every four slides.

There are some tools that I do not review in the presentation, these include:

  • Thinglink allows you to annotate images and video. It is a great way to create content that viewers can interact with on their own.
  • Spark is a free set of Adobe tools that offer desktop, as well as mobile apps. This suite includes the ability to make social media posts, videos and webpages.
  • Sway is a Microsoft tool that lets you create interactive presentations online by easily embedding videos, images and text. KU users can access Sway via and using their KU online ID to login.
  • Emaze is a presentation tool with a modern look and feel

Stay tuned … I will be adding more presentation tools as I find them.