spark post

Spark Posts

Spark post helps you create social media ready posts and content, as well as print media. You can use your own branded templates, start from scratch or use a template.

Design tips

  • If you’re new to design, stick closely to the template that you picked.
  • Experiment with branding or font change.
  • Keep things simple – use only 1-2 fonts and colors
  • Always maintain readability.
  • Don’t try to cram in too much information.
  • Use hierarchy .
  • Maintain readability so people know what information is critical and can access that quickly and easily.

Table of Contents:

00:08 – Choosing your output
00:27 – Pick a template or start from scratch
00:43 – Add photo
00:49 – Add filters or edit photos
01:10 – Change your design , color and layout
01:31 – Text editing
02:13 – Basic design tips
02:49 – Resize
03:07 – Animate posts
03:19 – Downloading and Sharing

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