Creating a Table of Contents

Creating a Table of Contents

1. Contents are built using styles, so first make sure you have applied a paragraph style to all the topics you would like to add.
2. Navigate to Layout > Table of Contents
3. In the Table of Contents Diaglog box, create a title for your TOC

Creating a Table of Contents

4. After you hit okay, the TOC will be loaded into your cursor and you can click where you want to place it.
5. If you add additional subhead content, simply select the placed TOC, then Layout > Update Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

00:04 – Advantages of Automating the Table of Contents
00:49 – Paragraph Styles are what builds the TOC
01:21 – Layout, Table of Contents to begin
01:32 – Using the TOC dialog box
03:39 – Adding to and Updating a TOC

Download the entire Interactive InDesign Tutorial

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