Creating Presentations

Using the basics of graphic design and a few cool tools, you can level up your presentations.

This course serves as not only an idea generator for presentations, but also a basic bootcamp in graphic design elements and principles – your building block to make great designs, animations and presentations.

Elements of design – these are the ingredients you use to create a design for any format print, web, presentation.

  • Lines. Use horizontal or vertical for stability and diagonal for energy
  • Shapes. Use either organic or geometric to send different messages or to illustrate or draw attention to content.
  • Texture. Adds depth, layers and warmth to design.
  • Color. Consider meaning of color. Choose analogous or monochromatic for relaxed feel and complimentary for more energy.
  • Typography. Carefully combine fonts. Make sure to emphasize readability and functionality of text.

Principles of design – how you combine and utilize the elements

  • Hierarchy. How arrangement of elements determines importance and where viewer’s eye travels.
  • Repetition. Repeating elements to create consistent look or feel
  • Know your audience. The most important factor. Different audiences need different design stories.

Check out the presentation below for links on tools you can use to level up your presentation and watch the video to preview how you can use them.