How to optimize Creative Cloud

Login to CC

Start by finding the CC icon along the top navigation bar and  log into to CC app.

Click on the Apps tab

Here you can view / update apps. Find out what is new with each app and view tutorials.

Learn tab

This tab allows you to find Adobe tutorial videos for all apps. You can search for specific topics or by the app title. Once you are directed to the Adobe Learn website, you can download some exercise files.


Assets allow you to access your Adobe Cloud storage (similar to Googe drive). You can also find what fonts you have installed or browse all fonts on the Adobe Font site. Remember you know have unlimited font downloads. Download those fonts. – files (like Google drive) , Fonts – download the library! Finally you can find stock templates via the Adobe Market.


Adobe stock provides templates, images, object files, graphics templates to use for your Adobe projects. Some content is free, but much is included in the Stock subscription plan which is separate from your CC subscription.

– some user content free some purchase


This tab connects you to which is Adobe’s online platform for sharing creating work and interacting with other creatives. The Adobe Lives are must-sees and you can get a notification button as a Chrome extension.

CC libraries

CC libraries can be accessed from any Adobe app. These allow you to collect assets for specific projects or assets that you use regularly. You can share your libraries with other users who can then use, edit or view. Check out our video on another way to add content to libraries via the Capture app.