Social Sizes

I’ve been guilty of using the wrong sizes for my social graphic and videos. I’m also guilty of having my correct sizes written down on some post-it. Somewhere.

This is the best resource I have found for not only sizes that you can plug in, but also blank templates. It has every social size you could possibly want with Sketch, Photoshop and XD templates. Bookmark it now!

Why does this matter? If you are in charge of social media – you know why. You need to present at the optimum size for that medium at correct resolution.

Fortunately, the Creative Cloud suite makes setting up new documents and even saving those template sizes easy. The new document dialog box is similar across Adobe apps. Follow our quick video for a step x step on this.

You can also use a program like Adobe Spark to help you with sizing.

With these tools there is no excuse for guessing your social sizes.