Using frame and marquee tools

There are two types of shape tools in InDesign – frame tools and marquee tools. Frames are used for placing images. Marquee tools are used for backgrounds and shapes. Each of these are in a set of tools so if you click and hold you will access the rectangle, ellipse or polygon.

All of these shapes have a fill and stroke that can be changed. You can either freehand draw shapes or click down to enter a specific size. When you enter a size, use the following abbreviations in = inches, px = pixels, pts = points, p = picas. InDesign will automatically convert whatever size you enter into the document’s settings.

While drawing shapes you can use modifier keys – shift to constrain proportions and alt to draw from the center. The properties panel contains alignment buttons you can use to align all shapes.

Table of Contents:

00:13 – Rectangle Frame Tool
00:21 – Rectangle tool
00:24 – Accessing embedded tools
00:35 – Drawing shapes
00:42 – Selection Tool resizes and moves
00:50 – Drawing a specific sized shape
00:54 – InDesign will convert sizes
01:13 – Rounded Rectangle
01:54 – Alt draws from center
02:00 – Shift draws a perfect shape
02:28 – Polygon tool – draw triangles
03:01 – Shape bounding boxes are non printing
03:09 – Copying objects
03:31 – Aligning Objects
04:12 – Moving objects with no fills