Heather Lawrenz

Heather Lawrenz is the program director for JSchoolTech and the senior digital media trainer at the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications. She teaches the Graphic Design Tech Tools course and helps coordinate the Tech Tools offerings at the school. She updates and provides content for jschooltech.org, hosts workshops and events. She guest stars in classes across campus and within the JSchool – teaching video, graphic design, digital imaging, animation and WordPress. Heather’s career in digital creativity began in college (at the JSchool, in fact). She took the love she had for digital storytelling and art and turned it into a career teaching high school art and journalism. 

Now Heathers passions for being a maker is shared with students, staff and faculty at KU. She runs the online training site jschooltech.org, hosts workshops, leads weekly small group sessions with students, and visits classes to train students. She is an Adobe Education Leader, and elite group of Adobe trainers and educators. This fall Heather launches a new lunch-and-learn series to help student buils basic skills in Adobe tools. Heather believes that everyone can be a creator and that maximizing digital tools to communicate ideas and personal narratives drives change. In her spare time, Heather knits, watches hockey or baseball, and tries to outsmart two cats. 

Heather’s schedule changes each day, so make sure you check the daily menu board for events at the JBar and where Heather is. Heather can help on all Adobe programs and WordPress. (She can also help with Google Analytics, Office Programs, tech troubleshooting.) 

Make an appointment: https://calendly.com/halawrenz-1