Adding 3D effects and substances in Illustrator

Laptop screen with Illustrator open. 3D snowflake with substance applied.

Easily apply 3D effects like Rotate, Revolve, Extrude, Lighting, and Shadows to vector artwork and create 3D graphics. Find all these effects along with Adobe Substance Materials and rendering options in a single 3D panel. 

You can add texture to your artwork using Substance materials and create realistic 3D graphics. Add your own material or choose from the free community and Adobe materials. Find thousands of Adobe Substance 3D materials with a subscription plan.

Taking a look at how to add 3D materials and effects to both object and type.

Table of Contents:
00:17 – How to update your apps
00:43 – 3D effects
01:18 – Open Window, 3D and materials
01:41 – Applying materials
02:08 – Adding extrude to material
02:30 – Adding 3 D to type
02:52 – Options for 3D materials

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