Using shape tools and shape builder in Illustrator

Using shape tools and shape builder

Using shape tools and shape builder in Illustrator

Creating graphics can be a simple task accomplished by using shape tools and shape builder in Illustrator. With some basic use of shape tools to draw, then combining with the shape builder tool, novice users can piece together graphics that express concepts visually. This same technique can be applied to a variety of graphics.

In addition to the shape builder tool, the pathfinder tool is another useful device to use to create graphics.

Table of Contents:

00:30 – Workspace notes
01:03 – Using shape tools
01:09 – Tear off panels
01:31 – Drawing a shape from the center out
01:48 – Changing the corner radius on rounded rectangles
02:24 – Locking an object
02:43 – Drawing shapes
03:04 – Z- zoom tool
03:25 – Alt drag to copy
03:31 – Moving objects with selection tool
04:13 – Using direct selection to modify a shape
04:52 – Command = temporary selection tool
05:10 – Alt to draw from center out
05:11 – Shift for a perfect circle
05:38 – Shape builder tool
05:57 – Shift click to select all shapes
06:05 – Applying the shapebuilder
06:55 – Using the brush tool to create spray paint
07:40 – Using the draw behind tool
09:10 – Draw Inside mode