Pathfinder and effects in Illustrator to create graphics

Pathfinder and Effects in Illustrator

Creating graphics can be a simple task accomplished by using the pathfinder and effects in Illustrator. With some basic use of shape tools to draw, in addition to edits with the Pathfinder palette, novice users can piece together graphics that express concepts visually. This same technique can be applied to a variety of graphics.

In addition to the pathfinder panel, the shape builder tool is another useful device to use to create graphics.

Table of Contents:

00:23 – Shape Tools and Unpinning tools
00:49 – Opening your Pathfinder Window , Pathfinder
01:01 – Unpinning Brushes Panel
01:08 – Notes on my Workspace
01:28 – Using the ellipse tool
01:51 – Drawing from the center out
01:54 – Shift to draw a perfect circle
02:07 – When using keyboard modifiers, release mouse, then keys
02:30 – selection tool moves objects – keyboard shortcut v
02:57 – Use Minus Front on Pathfinder to cut top object from bottom
03:10 – Changing fill color using swatches panel
03:58 – Using direct selection to select a point and move it
04:56 – using the spacebar to move while drawing object
05:45 – Command + to zoomin
05:55 – Editing corner radius to decrease size of rounded rectangle
06:43 – Using the selection tool to select, marquee over objects
06:54 – Using an Effect
07:37 – Loading additional brushes
08:13 – Changing brush options