Illustrator variable width profiles

Laptop with Illustrator on the screen on a table

The Illustrator width tool and variable width profiles are excellent ways to quickly add interest to line art. 

To use the Width tool, click the Width tool or press Shift + W to select it. Drag an anchor point to expand or contract the stroke. To make pointed ends, drag the points at the ends of the stroke.

Next, use what you created to set a new width profile. Combine with using stroke size/options. Apply these profiles to existing lines or use to draw

To maximize efficiency, uncheck new art has basic appearance.

Table of Contents:
00:56 – Width tool
01:43 – Saving a new width profile
02:36 – New art has basic appearance
03:37 – Applying profiles to existing shapes
04:04 – Flipping the stroke
04:26 – Using on portraits

You may want to check out our video on using the pen tool as well.