InDesign Page Numbers

Adding InDesign page numbers

Adding InDesign page numbers in a few simple steps. You can then style your page numbers to more tightly connect it with your design.

Steps to add page numbers:

  1. On master page, create a text box
  2. Select Type > Insert Special Character > Current page number
  3. Style text as needed
  4. Add on both the left and right of each master page

If you create more than one master page, as long as those are based on the master page with the page numbers, they will also have the character special character.

Table of Contents:

00:06 – Auto page numbers will be placed on the master page
00:13 – Create text box on master pages
00:20 – Type, Insert Special Characters, Markers, Current Page Number
00:43 – Style Text
01:14 – Page markers will automatically be added to any master based on master a
01:39 – Making edits to pages