Creating Hyperlinks

Creating Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks can be created from either text or text + graphic.

To create links:

1. Select text and/or graphic
2. Click the New Hyperlink button or drop down menu
3. In the New Hyperlink dialog box, select where to link to
4. Add the URL

Creating Hyperlinks

5. In the Hyperlinks panel, ensure that the link is good by verifying the green dot
• If created, apply a character style

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 11.11.02 AM

 Table of Contents:

00:09 – Setup Interactive Workspace
00:33 – Create hyperlinks from text or graphics by selecting them
00:59 – Open Window, Hyperlink panel
01:06 – Select New Hyperlink from Flyout panel
01:20 – Type website, apply any style
01:48 – Verify link works via Hyperlink Panel

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