InDesign Panels

InDesign Panels image

Get to Know the InDesign Panels

Learning how to manage and effectively use InDesign Panels will help you work more efficiently in InDesign. This knowledge can easily be transferred to other Adobe programs as they all utilize some type of panel.

Once you begin to find what panels you use the most, Save the to your own custom Workspace.

Remember all panels and resetting of panels occurs through the Window menu.

Table of Contents:

00:16 – Panel Locations
00:21 – Resetting Panels
00:26 – Opening Additional Panels
00:30 – Moving Panels
00:52 – Properties Panel
01:51 – Pages Panel
02:21 – CC Libraries
02:45 – Additional Panels – Links Panel
03:31 – Color Gradient and Swatches Panels
04:56 – Effects Panel