InDesign Updates – Oct 2018

Content Aware Fit

No more adjust photos and fighting with them to be sized correctly. Using Adobe’s AI features, InDesign determines the center of visual interest based on evaluating the photo and the ratio of the frame.

Content-Aware Fit

Layout Adjustment

Another game changer! I wish I would have had this just last week when I was changing a design from horizontal to vertical! Nope, I had to manually alter each design element. Now, InDesign AI again comes through to adjust page elements when the document set up options are altered.

Layout adjustment

Import PDF Comments

Students who have me digitally review resumes will love this feature! You can now import the PDF with comments into InDesign and track the feedback – accepting comments and marking them resolved or unresolved. When you select a comment, it highlights that section in the document .


Properties Panel

Okay, so I totally buried the lede on this one but Properties panel NOW in InDesign. Ever since Adobe released the Illustrator Properties Panel last year at Max, I have been hoping for that to translate into InDesign. The Properties Panel is ‘one panel to rule them all’. You can change character styles, align objects, alter fills/strokes and pretty much do the work of all the major panels in the Properties Panel.

Properties panel

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