5 simple font rules for fonts

Whether you are building a design for print or web or creating a data visualization, selecting fonts and following basic rules of the road for typography are critical.

  1. If you use a new size or a new font, create a new text box. This will prevent you from having odd spacing missteps in your design.
  2. Keep fonts to 2-3 per page and only use one specialty per page.
  3. Use text features (bold, italics, etc) to help reader move through content and discern important information
  4. Use hierarchy. As you move down the page, fonts should get smaller and less bold
  5. If you are unsure about how to combine typography, stick with one family.


Table of Contents:

00:11 – Downloading from dafont.com
01:05 – Installing in STF
01:34 – Rules for using
01:51 – Sans serif vs serif
02:26 – Never use defaults
02:44 – New font, new size, new text box
03:14 – Limit your fonts
03:24 – Use text features to divide content, help reader
03:37 – Drop caps
03:45 – Subheads
03:50 – Bullets
04:11 – Using hierarchy
04:30 – How to determine what size font to use
05:08 – How to select, use type families
05:41 – Limit specialty fonts