Using grids and guides in InDesign

Grids and guides help you devise a template for placing objects in InDesign. With use of grids you are able to align objects to each other and in relation to the whole document. You have access to both a document and a column grid. These can be altered with your needs. As you consider creating guides, you may also want to consider hierarchy of space. You can add grids and guides when you create your new document or once it is built. All of these guides are non-printing. The column grid lets you assess horizontal space whereas the document grid lets you edit vertical space.

Table of Contents:

00:15 – Adding bleed lines
00:26 – Adding slug guides
00:33 – Adding Margins and columns
00:52 – Adding margins in the properties panel
00:58 – Layout > Margins and columns
01:03 – File Document Setup
01:13 – Viewing set margins
01:25 – Why column guides are important
01:47 – How to use column grid
01:59 – Fitting photos to the gird
02:22 – Fitting text to grid
02:47 – Adding a dcoument grid
02:57 – Creating a document grid
03:22 – Command & ‘ to show guides
03:48 – Adjusting photos and text to doc grid
04:45 – Other types of grids
04:59 – Levels of spacing
05:17 – Dragging ruler guides