Add titles in Rush

Laptop on table with Rush interface titles

You can add titles or a lower third by tapping the plus button on the left and choosing the title icon OR using the title panel on the right. Choose between titles, transition graphics and overlays. You can search using key terms

Once you have selected a title, click the plus button to add it to your timeline. These will place where your playhead is.

You can move and trim them like any clip using the orange handles.

By selecting parts of the title in the playback, you can change the default text as well as edit fonts, colors and other styles. This is a great way to implement a style for your brand or publication. 

Table of Contents:
00:19 – Add Graphic via +
00:32 – Click graphic panel on the right
00:43 – Install unique templates
00:56 – Options to use
01:06 – Search with key terms
01:24 – Adding Graphics to timeline
01:49 – Edit content on right panel
02:11 – Edit graphic style