Adjust clip speed

Image of laptop with rush speed ramp.

Changing clip speed can create interesting effects in your video.

Speed allows you to adjust the speed of all or part of a clip. You can select how fast (or slow) you want the clip to be and the surrounding clips will adjust with it. 

Typically, speeding up footage will raise your audio’s pitch (think mouse voice), while slowing down footage will lower it (think of a deep robot voice). “Maintain pitch” in the speed panel takes care of this by preserving the original pitch of your audio at any speed.

By selecting ramp,  you create  a gradual acceleration and/or deceleration for a video clip. As opposed to an abrupt shift in speed, a speed ramp creates a smooth transition between two drastically different speeds.

Table of Contents:
00:13 – Select clip to change
00:19 – Choose speed from the right panel
00:34 – Changing where to apply speed
00:47 – Changing speed percent
01:01 – Maintain audio pitch
01:24 – Changing the ramp
02:20 – Slowing clip down