Intro to CC Express

Image of laptop with Express screen on it

Adobe Spark has had an update/rebrand and is now Adobe Creative Cloud Express. Express offers a lot of the same tools, as well as some new tools for you to experiment with.

If you are a KU student you’re going to click log in with school account and enter your KU email then go through the single sign-on.

Once logged in, you will be able to see your profile with your email over on the upper right hand side.

The Express dashboard gives you quick starts like accessing your existing projects. You can create brands, which we’ll talk about in a separate video. You can access your creative cloud libraries and the new quick action dashboard.

We will take a look at quick actions in another video, but these actions just add so much efficiency to your workflow.

Next, there’s templates you can use to again get you started making and speed up your workflow.

You can also get started by hitting that plus button.  Here you have access to your quick actions and to all the different types of content you can create inside of Express.

Definitely get started with created in Express today!


Table of Contents:
00:33 – Logging on to Express
00:58 – Express Dashboard
01:01 – Quick starts
01:07 – Existing Projects
01:10 – Create a brand
01:16 – Access CC libraries
01:21 – Quick action dashboard
01:37 – Usable templates
01:46 – Create new button