Remix audio

Remix audio in Premiere Pro saves hours of cutting, rippling, adding fades, and previewing results, trying to fit a piece of music to the length of a scene. 

Whether your music clips come from a favorite stock audio service like Adobe Stock, your personal or commercial libraries, or even your neighbor’s garage band, you can use Remix to find the ideal cut points or loops, retiming and rearranging your songs almost instantly.

  1. Select music clip.
  2. Click and hold in the Ripple Edit tool group in the Toolbar panel, select Remix tool, then click and drag the right edge of your music clip in the timeline.

Edit Remix properties in the Essential Sound panel.

When you remix a song, consider elements like target duration, dynamics (how many different sections there are in the song), and the type of music.

Use the Customize sliders in the Essential Sound panel to try out different arrangements.

Simply select an audio clip, enable Remix, and then edit these properties.

Table of Contents:
00:21 – When to use remix
01:27 – Select clip
01:42 – Choose remix tool
02:10 – Working with sound panel
02:48 – Duration of remix
03:08 – How remix uses durations
03:18 – Segments of remix
03:27 – Looking at cuts and crossfades
03:57 – Tips for segments
04:23 – Variations
06:53 – Using particular music segments
07:03 – Working with vocals