XD voice triggers

Computer screen with XD voice prototype

XD voice triggers allow you to use voice commands to trigger an interaction or playback. If you aren’t familiar with prototyping, you may want to check out this video first

To add a voice command to a prototype:

Begin by designing your artboard and your destination.

Next, click the blue wire and set the options:  

    1. Trigger: Voice.
    2. Command: Enter the voice command as text.
    3. Action: Set to Transition.
    4. Destination: Set the destination artboard 
    5. Set animation easing and duration

To add an audio playback:

The audio playback adds responses or sound effects to your prototype. For example, an audio confirmation after checking a box. You can import an audio as an MP3 or a WAV file.

First, in Prototype mode, select the object or the artboard.

    1. Click + to add the interaction. 
    2. Trigger: Set to Tap.
    3. Action: Set to Audio Playback, and then browse and add the audio file.

To add a speech playback:

  • Drag a wire from the source artboard to the destination artboard.
  • To add a speech playback, in the Property Inspector, set the following options:
    • Trigger: Set to Time.
    • Delay: Set the time delay (in seconds) to define when the speech playback should start. 
    • Action: Set it to Speech Playback.
    • Voice: Choose a voice for the speech playback.
    • Speech: Type in the text you want for the speech playback.

Table of Contents:
00:22 – How voice can be used in XD
00:33 – Creating voice prototype
01:08 – Setting up the interaction
02:26 – Creating a speech playback
04:18 – Using keys and gamepad