Object Selection

View of the Object Selection Tool in the toolbar

In the 2020 updates, Photoshop released the object selection tool. Overall, this tool is user friendly and does an excellent job of making selections even quicker and easier. 

As background, selection tools like the quick select or magic wand work mainly with pixel color difference, this often means that the tool has trouble distinguishing on things like shadows or the content you want 

The Object selection tool does a superb job of isolating and you can still go in and use the select and mask if you need to refine. This tool uses AI rather than pixel color to discern key visual content

You can find this tool in the same group as the quick selection tool.  The object selection tool works as you marquee over the area you wish to isolate. You can modify these selections using shift to add to a selection or alt/option to subject. 

Finally, you can still go into the Select and Mask dialog to refine the selection and its edges.


Table of Contents:

00:13 – Setting up Workspace
00:27 – How selection tools work
00:38 – How it works
00:58 – Finding the Object Selection tool
01:05 – Use by marqueeing over area
01:15 – Add to selection by holding down shift