Adjusting audio levels and keyframing audio

The key to editing audio is to edit with your eyes, not your ears. This way your device or headphone volume is not deceiving you. This video reviews the basics of audio editing.

We first mute tracks that we don’t want to interfere with our editing as we edit our main interview track. We are looking for the audio to fall between -6 and -12. Best practice is to edit only 1 decibel at a time.

Next, we add our music track and mute the interview track; again we want to focus on editing one track at a time.

Finally, we add keyframes to our music track allowing the music to fade or rise depending on the main interview track.

Table of Contents:

00:31 – Expanding audio track
00:48 – ~ expand view
01:24 – Range for interview audio
01:40 – Muting tracks
01:49 – Adjusting levels
03:53 – Adjusting music tracks
05:00 – Keyframing music track