Audio cleanup

Image of laptop with audio workspace

Audio cleanup is a key skill to develop in Premiere. Viewers will often forgive bad video before they forgive bad audio. Your first line of defense for good audio is to ensure you are capturing the best audio possible  Рwhether that be voice, nat sound, effects or music. Before you go to film and event, test your audio equipment and make sure you know how that works. 

Problem: Issue on one channel

  • Right click/modify > audio channels
  • You can mix to mono OR duplicate the good track to stereo
  • Similar – You have two speakers with different mics, create a dual mono with left and right channels. This allows you to manipulate audio gain on each channel separately

Problem: Interview with a difference between right and left channel

  • Modify in bin
  • Change both to l

Scenario for 2 speakers

  • Modify
  • Create two mono

Problem: Voice audio is outside of range

  • Good range is -6 to -12
  • Spot check using Solo and hit G
  • You can also use this for large scale adjustments
  • Use left / right bracket for single clip adjustments of 1 DB
  • Trick – set in and out and loop the audio as you adjust

Problem: Clip volume needs a range of adjustments

  • Keyframe to raise / lower parts of clip
  • This may be for its own level OR in relation to other levels

Merge clips if audio recorded separate (right click Рmerge clips) 

New to audio editing, check out our basics video. If your audio has background noise, try this technique.


Table of Contents:
00:19 – Audio you may work with
00:39 – Importance of good audio
00:59 – Getting to know audio structure
01:10 – Expanding audio tracks
01:18 – L and R channels
01:30 – Audio Levels
01:45 – Problem 1 : Static
02:05 – Seeing the problem on levels
02:21 – Right click clip in bin
02:27 – Modify Audio Channels
02:38 – Preview each channel
03:03 – Solution 1 mix to mono with good channel
03:23 – Solution 2 Mix to stereo
03:56 – When problem would happen
04:42 – Problem 2 R and L have different audio
05:05 – Modify audio channels
05:12 – Play good audio on both channels
05:23 – Creating mono for two speakers
05:48 – Problem 3 audio levels are low
06:01 – Solo track and loop playback
06:36 – G to adjust audio gain
07:10 – Use right bracket to raise 1 DB
07:31 – Problem 4 syncing two audio sources
08:15 – Select both clips
08:20 – Right click merge clips
08:33 – Merge Options