Auto Reframe in Premiere 2020

view of auto reframe dialog box

In its 2020 release, Premiere has added an auto reframe feature. This feature is best used when you have created a video for horizontal display and need to reuse it in a different format for social. Premiere analyzes the video and uses its AI to reframe the center of visual interest. I have found that going from horizontal to vertical or square works well but going from vertical to horizontal or square does not work as well. A horizontal video just has more options for editing the content. 

Once you have your sequence set up, you go to SEQUENCE – AUTO REFRAME SEQUENCE. Note you can do some experimenting with motion speed. This is more of an effect than a journalistic endeavor but may have some uses in more promotional settings. Premiere analyzes and then creates the resized sequence. 

I think this offers some possibilities for changing sequence sizes but it’s clearly easier to move from horizontal to vertical rather than altering a vertical video. 

Table of Contents:

00:11 – When this is is best used
00:21 – How it Works
00:54 – Auto Reframe from H to V
01:06 – Reframe Dialog Box
01:16 – Motion Preset
01:20 – Aspect Ratio Options
01:34 – Premiere creates new reframed sequence
01:49 – Auto Reframe V to H
02:22 – Reframe Sequence Bin