Background noise removal with Premiere and Audition

Microphone on the background of the computer monitor.

Often when you record, you can pick up room or background noise. This video will show you one technique to fix this and optimize your audio.

It helps to always record some room tone – make it part of your workflow. You can capture this in a separate clip or record at the beginning or end of a clip. Just capture enough of the background noise that you have something to work with.

From Premiere, right click the audio and choose edit in Adobe Audition. (If this option is greyed out, you may need to update either Premiere or Audition. Also have Audition open already).

In Audition, select the room noise.

Next, choose Effects > Noise Reduction > Capture Noise print

Then, deselect the clip you just had and select the whole clip followed by Effects > Noise Reduction > Noise Reduction Process

In this dialog box, you will work with two variables.

Noise Reduction
This controls the percentage of noise reduction. Fine-tune this setting while previewing audio will achieve maximum noise reduction with minimum artifacts. (Excessively high noise reduction levels can sometimes cause audio to sound off)
Reduce By
Determines the amplitude reduction of detected noise. Values between 6 and 30 dB work well.

When you finish save the clip and the audio will update in Premiere automagically and your background noise is gone.

0:14 Understanding room noise
0:49 Recording room tone
1:14 Jumping to Audition
1:44 Select Room Noise portion in Audition
1:58 Effects Noise Reduction Capture Noise
2:09 Deselect Audio
2:15 Select all CMD A
2:25 Noise Reduction Process
2:40 Noise reduction panel
3:00 Reduce by
3:40 Save clip and Premiere updates