Basics in the source pane and timeline

This training helps you get started working in the source pane. First however, we review audio and video tracks. Multi-track editing is one of the advantages of using Premiere.

We already set up our sequence, so now we are ready to start editing clips together.

To start, we double click clips to ‘jump’ them to the source pane. This allows us to see the clips in a larger preview and do some preliminary edits. We can also choose to drag audio or video only from the source pane.

In the timeline, I like to have my A / Interview roll on A1/V1, then my B roll clips on A2/V2, graphics can go on A3 and music on V3.

In the source pane, I can set in (I) points and out (O) points. I can always re-edit these in the timeline, but it gives me a starting point for editing.

We also explore when you may want to use the overwrite or insert clip shortcut.

Table of Contents:

00:20 – Timeline – audio and video tracks
01:16 – Move clip to source pan by double click
02:11 – Where to put clips on timeline
02:59 – Setting in and out points
04:21 – Changing out point in timeline
05:51 – Using insert and overwrite clips
07:32 – Export a frame from video