Getting Started in Premiere Pro

Download this as a PDF: Basic Premiere Pro start and save

  • Whether you are uploading audio only or video and audio clips, you should consider these steps in starting in Premiere Pro.
  • Begin by making sure you are logged in with your own KU online ID and password. If someone else is logged in, please log them out and login with your own account.
  • Any files saved to the Desktop, Documents, Movies or Pictures folder in your home folder will be deleted upon logging out. Save everything to cloud storage or an external drive. 

Creating your Folder

*These are supplemental to any specific instructions provided by your professor

  • Create a new folder on the desktop by right clicking or selecting New Folder from the File Menu
  • Give the folder a name (EG WilliamAWhite’s J-301 Project)
  • After you have your own folder in Video Storage, open Adobe Premiere. If is not visible in your dock, search under the spotlight (magnify class in upper right corner of computer).

Uploading …

From a card

  • Copy the contents of your card fully and completely into your folder (created above) … don’t burrow around. Copy the whole card contents.
  • Begin a New Project

From existing projects

  • Open the project you have already created.
  • If media can not be located, make sure you are logged into the network then browse using the locate button to find the files. (Once you find one ‘missing’ file, Premiere will link the others.)


  • You will also save rendered projects to this folder
  • It is recommended to also save work to a USB/external hard drive for safekeeping.

Follow instructions on “how to import and edit with Premiere Pro” on beginning work within Premiere