Premiere 12.1.1 New Features


The April 2018 update of Premiere Pro offers some great efficiencies and workflow updates. Check out our overview of the changes and remember to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest updates.



Key updates with the april 2018 Premiere update

  1. Correct and match color. This allows you to match the color of one clip to another and seamlessly blend clips from different cameras or lighting conditions.

2. Quicktime 7 no longer supported. Let’s be real, we are on version 10.4 of Quicktime, so let’s update those OLD files. If however you have some archival footage you need to update, it is easy to revert back to the previous version of Premiere to update those clips.

3. Auto-ducking. If you have ever fought with nat sound or background music and audio levels and were frustrated by keyframing, you will love this update.

4. Copy/Paste Sequence Markers

5. New Search and Favorites in Essential graphics panel