Syncing music in Premiere

Syncing to music is a fun way to create intros or sizzle videos. You can use this technique with either video or still content.

First set up your sequence, then you will add markers at the points you want to add new clips.

Make sure you have your sequence selected, start with putting one marker at the very beginning using the keyboard shortcut M.

Now, play the music and click M on the beats you would like to add video or images.

Next, select the automate to sequence option. IF using video, you can have previously set in and out points. You can automate by selection order with those in and out points.

Table of Contents:

00:18 – Set up sequence
00:31 – Use same technique for still or video
00:40 – Add markers to music beat
00:52 – Start with one marker at top of sequence
00:56 – Add markers with M
01:37 – Delete markers
01:46 – Move markers
02:10 – Count markers
02:34 – Move playhead to beginning of sequence
02:47 – Select clips
03:03 – Automate to sequence
03:10 – Automate options
04:05 – Scale image clips