Transcribe and caption in Premiere

Update to Premiere to 15.0 or later. Captioning lets you create separate tracks that lets you edit and treat captions like video clips.

Why use captions? One reason is for accessibility. In YouTube or Vimeo you can also use on board closed captioning, but creating transcripts (and editing them) in Premiere will allow you to export a text transcript and upload the edited transcript to use in another application. For social media you always want to burn captions in. Research shows that 80% of social content is viewed with sound off.

Check out our tutorial and see how easy it is!


Table of Contents:

00:19 – Update to Premiere 1.50
01:11 – Why you may want burned captions
01:40 – Options for YouTube or Vimeo
02:06 – Add captions when video is finalized
02:15 – Switch to Captions Workspace
02:45 – Transcribe the sequence or in to out
03:04 – Options to transcribe sequence
03:51 – Creating captions from transcript
05:25 – Editing caption text
05:37 – Changing caption style