Vertical video solutions

Image of odd sized graphic in premiere

In video you occasionally need to use vertical video or graphics that don’t fit well into the frame. In this tutorial, we will look at a few techniques to work with those. 

Like we mentioned in our using stills video, remember to consider video first. Either drop in a video and delete it or Go to File > New > Sequence > Digital SLR > 1080pHD.

This video looks at using similar techniques to help a screen shot graphic fit and then to use a vertical video.

So with this graphic, we want to spotlight a certain part of it and make the text readable

Here is what we can do:

  1. Bring in the still (scale as needed in effect controls)
  2. Apply gaussian blur 
  3. Add (or copy) same still above
  4. Apply crop and scale as needed
  5. Add drop shadow

For any of the above effects – scale, blur, crop, etc – adjust as needed in the effect controls.

For the video (or vertical stills):

  1. Bring in the video (scale as needed to fill frame in effect controls)
  2. Apply gaussian blur 
  3. Add (or copy) same vertical video above (scale to fit frame height)

Table of Contents:
00:18 – Establish sequence settings for video
00:50 – Screen shot of text
01:04 – Scale image
01:43 – Copy image
01:49 – Apply gaussian blur to bottom image
02:24 – Adjust blur in effect controls
02:45 – Applying crop
03:41 – Adding a drop shadow
04:33 – Using vertical content
05:05 – Scale video
05:29 – Add blur to video
05:49 – Add vertical video on top