Basics of Audacity

Audacity is an easy to use free-ware audio editing program. When would you use audacity? Anytime you are doing a voice over or a radio ad or a podcast, this is a great tool. You can export the audio as an mp3 to stand alone OR to be imported into Premiere and added to a video piece.

This guide provides you with the tools you need to record basic audio. Audacity is available on all devices at the Journalism School. If you would like to download for home use, you can here:



Written Tutorials

These help tools are well organized. The tutorial outline on the main page will provide you with the basics tools to:

  • import and play an existing audio file
  • record your voice, guitar, standard turntable or tape deck
  • record with a USB device (USB turntable, USB tape deck or USB soundcard)
  • edit sounds, including applying effects
  • save or open an Audacity project
  • export to an MP3 or other audio file
  • burn to a CD

You can also go more in-depth by using the menu on the left to access additional tutorials.


Video Tutorials

Here are some additional video tutorials that will help you get started:


Mic Set Up

Record and Edit

Thanks to the Utah Education Network and Dr. Mark Morton, senior instructional designer, University of Waterloo for use of the videos. Thanks to Mac Moore for research on tutorials.