Edit Color in Rush

Laptop in a garden with a screen showing Adobe Rush color edit window.

If you are new to video editing, you will find that it is easy to edit color in Rush. The color grading is robust but the learning curve is not steep.

First, note you can apply your edits to all clips (Rush will see what clips appear similar and apply the same edits.) There is also a reset to default button, so never worry about permanent changes

Begin with the edit panel. This is where you will edit each clip for basic color quality. You want to make sure you have good exposure, and contrast. The temp and tint sliders can help you remove color casts. Be delicate in using vibrance and saturation. If you make a change and don’t like it, simply double click the slider.

Under advanced you can fade film or sharpen as well as create vignettes (don’t).

Once you have edited for overall quality, dive into the presets. Presets allow you to apply overall looks to your video this can help create a mood. You can add these to all or only a few clips to deliver a message. 

Table of Contents:
00:25 – Basics of color editing
00:57 – Apply edits to all option
01:18 – Basic edits panel
01:36 – Reset by double clicking
02:38 – Reset all changes
02:45 – Advanced edits
03:14 – After basic edits, apply looks