Rush Effects

The effects panel in Rush contains three important features – transitions, pan and zoom, and auto-reframe. 

First, you can apply transitions between clips – either stills, video or audio. Good practice is to stick with simple transitions unless there is a special Ken Burns style effect you are looking for. 

Next, you can apply pan and zoom to stills. This is a great way to create movement or focus viewers on key content. 

Finally you can auto-reframe. This is used when you have a horizontal project but bring in a vertical video (Or vice versa). Adobe will reframe the content to the correct orientation and you can adjust the frame. The auto-reframe comes in handy as well when you want to change to different social orientations. To do this go to Sequence / Aspect ratio and choose the appropriate orientation. Then make sure Auto reframe is selected. It is still advisable to review your clips. 

Table of Contents:
00:14 – Overview of Effects Panel
00:23 – Transitions
02:27 – Pan and Zoom
03:24 – AutoReframe
03:40 – Changing aspect ratio