Video effects

Laptop with Premiere effects screen

There are all kinds of Video effects that you can use – adjust, color, light, stylized, speed effects, masking. It would be exhausting to go over all of them, but I thought it would be helpful to highlight a few and show you how to apply and adjust them. Later videos will show you a few of my favorite combos for special looks. 

Access video effects (when in edit mode access with the project bin/media browser OR switch to effects mode. Note that you can search effects or explore categories. Also not that you have color, audio and video effects as well as transitions. 

Let’s start with transitions. You may be familiar with these in things like presentations. Like presentations, a little goes a long way. Generally in news you want to avoid the cinematic sort of fades and dissolves, instead relying on more J or L cuts to move the story. 

Video transitions – dissolve, cross dissolve, note it applies across both clips. We can use our effect controls to adjust this. Audio transitions work in this way as well. 

Video effects – lighting, adjust with effects

Hopefully this has encouraged you to experiment with effects a bit more. 

Table of Contents:
00:16 – Overview of types of effects
00:40 – Access effects in edit workspace
01:00 – Effects Workspace
01:09 – Search for effects
01:32 – Transitions
02:15 – Drag to apply to clip
02:21 – Adjusting effects
02:46 – Video Effects