Adding pages

new page view

Pages are accessed via the dashboard. If you click Pages, you can view a list of all your current pages. You will also want to make note of which one is set as your ‘home’ page. Often this includes additional template options. You can access the edit tools from this as well.

New pages

If you click Add New, you can create a new page. Inside the editor, you can change the publication date, set featured images, attributes and often additional templates.

The visual editor allows you many common text editor tools including paragraph styles, bold, bullets, alignment, hyperlinks,etc. The text editor will allow you to make changes in HTML.



Table of Contents:

00:10 – Opening the dashboard
00:26 – Front Home icon
00:41 – Access edit features or delete a page
00:57 – Editing an existing page
01:27 – Settings
01:29 – Change publish date
01:41 – Set featured image
01:52 – Set attributes
02:04 – Set template
03:05 – Update and save changes
03:17 – Insert images
03:22 – Changing paragraph formatting
03:36 – Inserting links
03:47 – Text editing
03:55 – Insert photos
04:38 – Edit in HTML
04:56 – Contact page