Creating Menus


Create menus via the Customizer menu. You can create and save multiple menus. Before you start adding, sketch a wireframe of your webpage. This will give you a map of how you want the overall site to appear and navigate.

Depending on the theme, you may have more than one menu in more than one location. Make sure you check your documentation to see where the menus are and how to best use them. You can add custom links, pages, posts, categories to your menu.


Pages – single elements of content
Categories – can contain multiple posts, collected under a single category
Posts – single element of content but can be categorized to appear as a group

Table of Contents:

00:16 – Customizer > Menus
00:24 – Tip – plan offline with a wireframe sketch
00:49 – Tip – know what your homepage will be
01:17 – Menu types and locations
01:25 – Primary
01:34 – Secondary
01:53 – Social media
02:10 – Tip – You can create multiple
02:26 – Set menus in locations
02:39 – Where to edit
02:44 – How to add to a specific menu
03:07 – Removing items
03:17 – What you can add
03:35 – How to add to a menu
04:37 – You can add content as you add it to the menu
05:27 – Pages vs Posts and categories
06:01 – Where you create categories within new posts
07:37 – Reorder items
07:55 – Social media