Embed resume and video

Embed video

6 Steps to embed a resume

  1. Have a PDF of the resume
  2. Make a JPG copy of the pdf
  3. Load the PDF to Google Drive and copy the share link
  4. Insert the resume JPG into your new page or post
  5. Click the resume image and then the insert/edit link button in the text editor
  6. Paste the share link

Embed a video

I demonstrate how to embed via youtube, but the process is the same from any hosting site. You will need to share the hosting link, not the url from the top of the browser. When you copy and paste, the playskin comes with the video. If you want to use audio, the same thing applies. You will need to host your audio elsewhere (like soundcloud) and then share the link to WordPress.

Table of Contents:

00:42 – Changing a pdf to a jpg
01:00 – Copy share link of PDF from Google Drive
01:26 – Cautions for posting resume online
01:49 – Placing the resume jpg and linking to the pdf
03:21 – Embed video from youtube