Selecting a theme: 5 tips

At this point, you have created your basic portfolio and are ready to get started on setting it up and really creating an online portfolio that reflects your brand and showcases your skills. Picking a theme that works for you sets you on the path to creating and presenting your online brand. Let’s look at five tips to help you pick the right one for you.

    1. Remember nothing is permanent. You can change themes at any time. In fact, you should change to keep your design and your brand fresh. Changing themes does not mean you lose content. You may need to tweak a few things, but nothing disappears when you change themes.
    2. Your first impression definitely counts. Pick one that has colors/fonts and an overall design aesthetic that fits your brand.
    3. Don’t pick one that doesn’t appeal to you, thinking “I will change that later”. If you don’t like long text, but prefer visuals, don’t choose a text heavy theme. If you hate all caps, and that is the header style, that is not the one for you.
    4. Always check your documentation. You should look at the information (general overview) as well as the support. Make sure the support forum in an active one.
    5. Activate without worry. If you feel that you have a design that will work with your content and you can work with, activate it. remember you can always change later.




Table of Contents:
00:06 – Picking a Theme
00:31 – Appearance , Themes
01:00 – Picking Free Themes
01:11 – How to pick a theme
01:32 – Viewing Live Demo of theme
02:00 – View Info aka help documentation
02:44 – How do themes differ
02:54 – Can I change my theme?
03:25 – Activate a home page
03:32 – Changing from existing theme