Adding parallax effects in XD

Image of laptop on desk with yellow wall behind it. Laptop screen shows xd.

Adding parallax effects in XD creates unique motion and effects for viewers. If you aren’t familiar, parallax is when background and foreground images move differently, creating an almost 3d effect. 

To begin, group all elements on one artboard. In this case, we have a websized artboard. 

Next, we will make sure that the artboard does not scroll (in this case set at 1920×1080)/

Then we will duplicate artboard 1.

To begin creating the parallax effect, on artboard 2 – slide the entire group up. On artboard 1, move hidden elements (those visible on screen 2) and bring opacity down. On artboard 2 – move elements that were visible on screen 1

To prototype, wire artboard 1 to artboard 2. Use these settings:

Action – Gamepad and Key
Trigger – down arrow
Auto animate
Ease in-out 3 seconds

Repeat prototyping going back to artboard 1 from artboard 2, but use the up arrow.

Table of Contents:
00:31 – What is parallax
01:07 – Group all page elements
01:19 – Change height of artboard
01:42 – Duplicate artboard
01:47 – Move content on second artboard
02:26 – Prototype with game key trigger
04:43 – Prototype back to artboard 1