Creating Scroll Groups in XD

Image of laptop on table with blurred background. Laptop has XD screen on it.

Creating scroll groups in XD lets you set parts of the artboard that scroll independently either horizontally or vertically. 

This is a great design feature when adding image carousels and other interactive elements.

In the Design mode, select the objects that you want to turn into a scrollable group.

Click the scroll icon in the Property Inspector. 

You may need to adjust the edges of the scroll group to get the look you want. 

You can use this same basic method to create vertical scroll groups or in all directions, like with a map. 

Table of Contents:
00:32 – What are scroll groups?
01:31 – All content must be in a group
02:06 – Scroll Options
02:25 – Preview scroll
02:52 – Release scroll group

03:24 – Fixing the edges of the scroll