Creating simple toggle switches in XD

Image of laptop with toggle being designed on the screen

Creating simple toggle switches is really the next step in understanding both components and states. 

One example of a toggle switch is an on / off button. This same method could be used for any object that changes its appearance. 

First, design one of the states (think on or off). 

Then, create a component from this design. This will be the default state

Next, add a new state. Change properties such as color or location.

Finally, the toggle state automatically wires between your default and final state.

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Table of Contents:
00:22 – Toggles have a before and after
00:29 – 1. Create start design
00:40 – 2. Add grouped object as a component
00:59 – 3. Add a new state
01:39 – 4. Design the new state
02:30 – No need to prototype