Scroll to in XD

A scroll to in XD allows you click something then it scrolls down the page to a fixed position.

Begin to create this by doubling the height. The scroll looks even better when you add a variation in the background to the bottom. 

Make sure the object you want to scroll is in front and click the fix position on the side dialog.

Move to prototype and drag the wire from the top object to the bottom rectangle.

Prototype arrow from top objet to bottom rectangle 

Trigger: Tap

Type: Scroll To

Easing: Ease InOut

Duration: 1s

Add text or something else to bottom. Use preview to help place content


Table of Contents:
00:24 – What is a scroll to?
00:37 – Step 1 Double height of artboard
00:53 – Step 2 Make lower part look different
01:27 – Step 3 Fix position of object
01:43 – Make sure object is in front
01:59 – Step 4 give object something to scroll to
02:12 – Step 5 Prototype
02:56 – Modify Scroll to as needed