XD Updates – October 2018

The XD updates are truly revolutionary – especially as UX/UI becomes critical. Want to put yourself in a good position for employment – get into XD and learn some XD design skills today.

Now I will admit, these updates (view them all) are not for the unfamiliar. But the learning curve on XD is not too steep, so stick with it and you’ll be fine.

Design and prototype using voice commands and speech playback

This is the game changer. Voice commands are part of most apps and being able to design that further enhances XDs usability.

Auto-animate and drag gestures

I have been wanting this feature for a while and several students and I have tried work arounds, so this is an exciting addition.

Link Symbols between documents

This update allows you to share a symbol across documents and live update those. If a symbol is updated you can choose to accept or reject the change in the document you are working on.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is the name of the game this year.  Layout Adjustment in InDesign is a great example of this. Now, being able to resize screens in XD you can easily mock up an app then spec that out in a tablet size.

Plug in Integration

Did I bury the lede again? There are just so many great updates with XD. This update allows you to do a variety of plug ins to make the work faster and more efficient.

Open Photoshop Files in XD

The ability of XD to work as an integrated part of the Adobe suite is growing. You can also work with Illustrator and export to After Effects. Check out the how to here.